For Happy Tears.

Have you ever received a gift from someone, and, boy, it just knocked the wind out of you? You couldn’t hold back your tears. You know… the good tears. Those streamy ones that pour down your face and make you look so silly, but you don’t care because you are just that joyful. The good tears really take you RIGHT BACK to that memory. That EXACT moment is somehow captured perfectly. Wrapped in this perfect little package with this perfect little bow.

We like to call this ‘tugging at the heartstrings’. We love making unique & personalized handcrafted items. Heartstring tuggers. We’ll create that perfect gift or keepsake for you. The “streamy tear” ones that will take you back to fond memories. Or point you forward to exciting new beginnings. You decide.


tissues for happy tears

So, why are we so passionate about what we do?

Because we print our pictures out. We have a zillion frames. Pictures get changed in and out every few weeks. There’s something that is just special about having those moments on the wall. Especially these days when photos are piled up in storage drives never to be seen again. Sometimes, we feel like the digital age has taken over. And we don’t want that to happen to us. Or you, either.

Our first item

That’s why our very first items were… you guessed it… picture frames. Our frames come in all shapes and sizes. Most are from reclaimed wood, barnwood, old things that add character and interest. They are elegantly crafted, sanded, cleaned, sealed and cared for. Made perfectly to hold your memories.

Our First Items: Reclaimed Pallet Wood Picture Frames

These are the first two pallet picture frames we ever made!

Make your own pallet picture frame

That Personal Touch

You can even choose your own colors for your frames. Why? Because we make it just for you. It’s one of a kind. It’s YOUR favorite colors. Your wedding colors, maybe? Your best friend’s favorite colors? Colors of your alma mater?

We love to personalize your orders. Plaques reading Our First Home. Best Dog Ever. That quirky little saying that couples say that makes you really sick to your stomach with its corny sweetness? Yeah. We make that, too!

Personalized baby picture frame for Gregory
Best dog ever personalized wood burned plaque
Nettie & Dave personalized wedding ornament
Flynn wedding gift picture frame engraved
Amy and Clyde of

Clyde and Amy (Rehoboth Beach, Delaware)

We are Clyde and Amy.

We decided to name our shop after our middle names: Cecil and Lynn. We live in Old Forge, PA. It’s near Scranton in the beautiful Pocono Mountains of Northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA).

Some of our favorite moments

6 frame customized picture frame collage

AMAZING gift for someone very special. He LOVED it thanks so much for everything. You guys are great.

What will your "moment" be?

If you’ve ever done something regretful… like broke your mother’s favorite vase, dropped an heirloom that was in your family for decades (oops!)...

This is your chance.

Lets turn it into a frame, plaque, or something equally special & unique. Lets give it back to them. Completely new, but old. Brimming with memories. Make it a heartstring tugging moment! We’ll even let you take the credit 😉

Thanks for stopping by! We can’t wait to meet you!

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